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RATIOS: Assessment

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Proposed RN-to-Patient Ratios Chart RN growth in California Since Ratios

Facts about California


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AB 394 - It's the LAW in California


DC RNs push for Patient Protection Act.
DC RNs push for Patient Protection Act.

National Perspective

The Case for Federal Ratios Legislation

National RNs take up the ratios fight

FOCUS ON RATIOS: Safety in Numbers

California - Five years after the ratios law

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California is the first state to make ratios the law!

The California Nurses Association's historic first in the nation Safe Staffing RN Ratios law took nearly 13 years to win and has been in effect since January 2004 despite continued efforts of the hospital industry and then Governor Schwarzenegger to have it overturned or otherwise weakened. When Governor Schwarzenegger decided to roll back CNA's staffing ratios and called nurses a "special interest who don't like me because I'm always kicking their butt," CNA ignited a broad grassroots movement that led to the sweeping November 2005 electoral defeat for the Governor's special election initiatives.

Two days later, Schwarzenegger dropped his year-long fight against the ratios. Safe RN ratios have improved quality of care and nurse recruitment and retention in California hospitals. Ratios continue to improve with a 1:4 ratio in telemetry and specialty units scheduled to take effect in 2008.

Movement To Win Ratios is Now National

RNs in states throughout the country are actively working with CNA/NNU to win their own mandated direct-care RN-to-patient staffing ratios. Building upon the success achieved by CNA/NNU in California, RNs in Illinois, Florida, Missouri, Texas, the District of Columbia, and elsewhere are actively organizing in support of Hospital Patient Protection Acts in their states.

  • There can be no compromise on the need for mandated, minimum RN staffing ratios.
  • RNs must take a highly visible, very public lead in this fight.
  • The alliance that counts is between RNs, patients, and the public.
  • RNs must act collectively in support of ratios.

State-by-State Nurses Want Safe Staffing



State-by-State Nurses Want Safe Staffing