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National Nurse Magazine 2012 Archive

Dec. 2012 Issue

December 2012  Magazine Cover

Feature Articles:

pdf Women’s Global Health Leadership Certificate Program

pdf The Two Americas - By NNU Executive Director, RoseAnn DeMoro

pdf The Eye of the Storm - Hurrican Sandy Relief

pdf 2012 Editorial Index

Nov. 2012 Issue

Novermber 2012  Magazine Cover

Feature Articles:

pdf 101 Reasons For RN Unity - Why it’s a critical time to take our RN movement to the next level By: RoseAnn DeMoro, NNU Executive Director

pdf Safety in Numbers - Focus on Ratios

pdf Collective Patient Advocacy Trailblazers, Part 2 - The Road to Ratios (CE Home Study Course)

Oct. 2012 Issue

October 2012  cover

Feature Articles:

pdf Baystate RNs Strike for Fair Contract, Patient Safety

pdf All Fracked Up: What every RN needs to know about fracking

pdf El Paso RNs Unionize

pdf RoseAnn DeMoro, NNU Executive Director: National Security Threat: The real danger to Americans is the Wall Street attack on our Social Security system

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Sept. 2012 Issue

September 2012  cover

Feature Articles:

pdf RNs on Offense to Protect Michigan Bargaining Rights

pdf Massachusetts Nurses Win Mandatory Overtime Ban

pdf Robin Hood Tax Bill Introduced

pdf Rotten to the Core: Oral Health in America

pdf CE Home Study Course - Collective Patient Advocacy Trailblazers: The Road to Ratios

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July-Aug. 2012 Issue

June 2012  cover

Feature Articles:

pdf For-profit Takeover of Dialysis in Maine

pdf Nonprofit Hospitals Reaping Far More in Tax Benefits Than They Sow in Providing Charity

pdf 2012 Annual Book Review Special

pdf Raising the Bar for All VA RNs with New Master Contract

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June 2012 Issue

June 2012  cover

Feature Articles:

pdf NEXT STEPS: The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the Affordable Care Act, but medical care will still be out of reach for millions of Americans.

pdf RNs in Kansas City Win First Contract

pdf Michigan Nurses Key to Vote on Constitutional Amendment

pdf SEIU Local Teams Up with Hospital Industry to Attack California’s Ratio Law

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April-May 2012 Issue

April-May 2012  cover

Feature Articles:

pdf Florida HCA Nurses Win Seminal Contract

pdf Sutter Nurses Strike Back Third Time

pdf To the Rescue: NNU Nurses Came Together with Thousands in Chicago with a Plan to Heal the World

pdf Labor of Love: Nearing 98, Harry Kelber is Still Pushing the Labor Movement to Do Better and Fulfill its Potential

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March 2012 Issue

March 2012  cover

Feature Articles:

pdf Minnesota RNs Defeat Union-Busting Bill

pdf VA Nurses Fight Directive Allowing Unlicensed Personnel to Give Medications

pdf RoseAnn DeMoro: This Is a Hospital, Not Disneyland

pdf Waiting Game: If Medicare covered everyone regardless of age, Maurelle Wyeth wouldn’t have skipped three years of mammograms. Now she doesn’t know if she’ll make it to 65.

pdf CE Home Study Course: Workplace Violence, Part 2

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Jan.-Feb. 2012 Issue

Jan-Feb 2012  cover


Feature Articles:

pdf Massachusetts RNs Oppose Proposed Closure of State Mental Hospital, Mental Health Cuts

pdf Obituary for Relie Dema-ala, RN: A Purposeful Life

pdf Editorial Column by Rose Ann DeMoro: Court of Public Health

pdf Lost Generation: Entire classes of nursing graduates are unable to find work simply because the hospital industry believes investing in new grads is bad for its bottom line.

pdf Workplace Violence: Assessing Occupational Hazards and Identifying Strategies for Prevention, Part 1

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