National Nurses United PAC

Caring, compassion, and community. These are the values at the heart of registered nursing. This is true at the bedside, as nurses advocate for patients and families – and also beyond the walls of the hospital in our communities. RNs call for safe staffing in our nation’s hospitals, high quality, guaranteed healthcare for all, workers’ rights, and environmental, racial, and economic justice in the name of public health.

National Nurses United, which represents more than 150,000 nurses nationwide, seeks to uphold that positive vision for the health of this country by supporting federal policies and candidates who champion nurses’ values of caring, compassion and community, and who stand with us for our patients and our communities. We do this in part through the NNU Fund for a Healthy America, a non-partisan political action committee.

Voluntary contributions to the fund are one way we advocate for our values in government, at the ballot box, and in our communities. Please become a monthly contributor to the NNU Fund for a Healthy America today.

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If you prefer to contribute by mail, download the printable form, and send with a check to:
NNU Fund for a Healthy America
8455 Colesville Rd, Suite 1100
Silver Spring, MD 20910

The NNU Fund for a Healthy America supports candidates who champion the issues that matter most to RNs:

  • Mandatory, federal nurse-to-patient ratios. Study after study shows a direct link between safe RN staffing levels and patient outcomes. Nurses want to do quality work and ensure our patients get good care.
  • Medicare for All. Too many Americans remain priced out of access to necessary healthcare. RNs want improved, expanded Medicare for All so that everyone gets they health care they need.
  • Protecting VA nurses and patients. The VA Employee Fairness Act enables VA nurses to be powerful patient advocates, and allows them to collectively bargain for better wages and working conditions.
  • Holding Wall Street accountable. Nurses are demanding Wall Street pay its fair share. With a small tax on stock market speculation, we can pay for health care, free college tuition, good jobs, ending AIDS, real action against the climate crisis, and other basic needs.
  • Standing up for justice in the name of public health. Protecting workers, addressing workplace violence, taking on systemic racism, defending public health, stopping climate change, and working for economic justice.
Champion nurses’ values and stand up for our patients and our communities.

Please become a monthly contributor to the NNU Fund for a Healthy America today.